As a valued client and friend of the Emit family, I would like to share some great news with you.

Over the past 8 years, Emit Design has evolved from a small design shop, into a mid-sized, full service advertising agency.
We now have a full time staff of 9, with expertise in marketing, advertising, design, programming, copywriting, public relations and media production. We are well-positioned to embark on the next stage of our growth.

I am proud to announce that we recently merged with Spark Design, a full service advertising agency located just outside of Phoenix, in Tempe Arizona. Spark and Emit have a tremendous amount in common, from an excellent track record of delivering measurable results, to a culture that is both talented and intelligent.

Together, we create an agency with more than 25 employees, all focused on creating effective communication strategies
for your business. Spark Tempe broadens our range of capabilities, including high-level web programming and strategic
media buying.

There will not be any changes to our service delivery or pricing based on this merger. In fact, you will benefit from the increased range and size of our new company. The most noticeable difference is in our name, which we have decided to change from Emit to Spark. You will see this change reflected in all forms of communication from our team. We will use new email addresses but, rest assured, our Emit addresses will work long into the future. Our replies to you will be from new "SparkDesign.com" addresses.

If you have any questions about this merger, feel free to contact me directly at 216.225.2710.

We look forward to our continued relationship and the opportunity to showcase our expanded services and team.


Adam Zimmerman
President, SPARK Cleveland